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How to grow your own Fruit and Vegetables

See our expert advice on how to create your very own crop of fruit and vegetables. Includes preperation techniques and planting advice to ensure a perfect crop for your family.

Grow your own Fruit and Vegetables

Twelve Months of Flowers

Coming soon - See a list of flowers for the year set it clearly in month by month categories. This section suggests the variety of shrubs, herbaceous perennials, annuals and alpines which offer a year-long succession of flowers.

Tweleve Months of Flowers

The Lawn Care Calendar

Everyone admires a beautiful looking lawn. Take a look at this section and learn some basic monthly techniques that will set you on your way to owning a lawn to be proud of.

Lawn Care

All about Clematis

The Clematis is a large family of hardy, deciduous and evergreen climbers. They are relatively easy to grow and maintain and can flourish in most places and can produce a variety of colours to add colour to your garden.
The Clematis comes in a huge variety of species with hundreds of variations in colour, flower size, etc.

To ensure your Clematis produces flowers and a healthy foilage some simple steps can be taken.

The Childrens Garden

What better way to encourage your child to take an interest in the garden by giving them their very own space in which to cultivate crops or vegetables, fruit and flowers.

If you have children then I'm sure you have all had the day when your child brings home a small pot of cress from school. From an early age children are given an insight in the natural world of nature.

Hollow-tine your lawn

Hollow tining is the practice of sinking a hollow steel tine into your grass surface and removing the plug of grass and soil. This will then be deposited temporarily on the surface. This is then removed and topdressing is spread and worked in.


Dollar Spot lawn disease

With the right lawn care program dollar spot should not be a problem and it is more often or not the result of a neglected lawn. Dollar spot is a serious lawn disease as it can effect and kill the whole of the grass plant including the roots. This means that affected areas of the lawn will often need reseeding. Dollar spot will infect a large number of different grass varieties.

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